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Landscaping Hamilton - Landscape Design & Many Other Landscaper Services

landscaping hamiltonWelcome to our new website. Do you have backyard landscaping plans? Do you need local landscapers now? Our professional landscape design company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has all your needs in one place when it comes to landscaping Hamilton services. We do all that we can to make sure that you’re satisfied with the work we do, and due to our many years of experience we more often than not exceed our client’s expectations and work the extra mile. When you’re ready give us a call and start your landscaping Hamilton project today! We can’t wait to get started, or browse our new website for info. Our lawn care and rockery experts love helping.

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For free quotes or just to ask questions, click the button below to call us now and our landscapers will be glad to help. With everything from lawn care and landscape maintenance to commercial landscaping and hardscaping services in one place, you can't go wrong choosing Hamilton's best landscaping company.
Hamilton Landscaping
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hamilton landscaping

Landscaping Burlington Ontario Service

Our company also services Burlington, Brantford and all surrounding areas in Ontario with every service available in Hamilton. We do this because we have the manpower and love to do so correctly.

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All Season Landscaper Hamilton ON

Our company is open all season, winter, spring, summer and fall, for seasonal garden design projects and commercial landscaper services. Let’s get your project complete this year on schedule!

Garden & Landscape Design

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We love designing landscapes and gardens for backyard courtyards, the front yard and your entire property perimeter, whether residential or commercial. We love incorporating tropical elements, fountains, waterfalls and being creative with our talents and expertise. As landscapers since youth, our team is a tight group and over the years we’ve gotten very imaginable and creative with our landscape ideas. We also work gladly to your custom landscape dreams, as we install ponds, rockeries, water features, lighting and much, much more.

Yard Aeration & Lawn Maintenance

We love doing yard maintenance. This can include everything from regular hedge trimming, tree pruning, lawn moss control, weed removal and more. We also do land mowing contracts and regular grass cutting for anyone who needs it in the City of Hamilton, ON, CA. We remove weeds from garden paths, keep the lawn clean and do regular touch ups to the foliage and gardens. We work to your custom order and would be pleased to discuss a contract with a free, no-obligation quote for your landscaping cost estimate. Let’s keep your landscape maintained!

Drainage, Irrigation & Water Features

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Our landscapers have experience in installing a wide variety of different water features and can design them custom to your order. We do landscape waterfall installation, pond installation, beautiful drainage systems and lawn irrigation systems plus a whole lot more. Working with water is a landscaper’s job, and we can do your sprinkler installation, a wonderful fountain for your backyard or we can talk over the phone to get the other specific custom water feature that you need for your Hamilton landscape today. We’ll gladly get our hands wet now!

Our Hamilton Landscapers Love A Beautiful Backyard Garden - Want A Custom One Today?

We love an elegant front yard, too. As professional landscapers, there’s a wide place for nature in our hearts. When we’ve had enough of the wild jungle, however, we think it’s about time for the different kind of nature. To us, there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a freshly maintained and custom worked residential backyard or front yard landscape. We’re also gardeners at heart, but we take garden care one step further with a true landscaper’s touch, and that’s why they call us Hamilton Landscaping Pros. The garden of your dreams is awaiting. Let’s get started today! Our landscape company has learned from some of the oldest and best landscape companies across North America and even Europe to give amazing results you can’t get elsewhere.

Service Locations
  • Brantford, Ontario, Canada
  • Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • Canborough, Ontario, Canada
  • Canfield Junction, Ontario, Canada
  • Cayuga, Ontario, Canada
  • Caledonia, Ontario, Canada
  • Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada
  • Brant, Ontario, Canada
  • Falkland, Ontario, Canada
  • Saint George, Ontario, Canada
  • Glen Morris, Ontario, Canada
  • Branchton, Ontario, Canada
  • Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • Preston, Ontario, Canada
  • Hespeler, Ontario, Canada
  • Aberfoyle, Ontario, Canada
  • Eden Mills, Ontario, Canada

Professional Landscaping Hamilton Ontario

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With everything from residential lawn care contracts to commercial hardscaping services in one place, you’re covered in Hamilton for all your landscape services. Our local landscapers love working here and we put quality into our results because we care about what our city looks like and enjoy being of assistance. Let us mow your lawn, cut your trees, plant your flowers, weed and maintain your garden, install rockeries and rock features, install waterfalls, fountains, sprinklers and irrigation systems. Let us do your drainage, waterworks and custom water features. We also do landscape lighting, paving, concrete, woodworking and a whole lot more. Our Hamilton landscaping company is designed to do all you need in one place, so our Hamilton landscapers are trained in a wide variety of trades. Whether it’s a lawnmower or a chainsaw, we go you covered. Let’s make your landscaping project complete on time this season with professional landscaping Hamilton Ontario services. Our landscape company over the years has developed profound skills in the industry to compete with the best landscape companies in all of Ontario, Canada. A proud landscaping company makes for a proud job well done, and a custom landscape you can be proud of. Although we sill humble ourselves when it’s time to bend over and get the hard work done. Let’s get started on you Hamilton landscaping project today!

Landscape Lighting Hamilton ON
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Part of our custom landscape design Hamilton service can include installing garden pond lights. We have many options of landscape lighting to choose from and work efficiently to make your custom order accomplished on time this season. Let’s install lights today!

Landscape Concrete Hamilton ON
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For garden paths we do paving and concrete services to make your landscape complete. We combine this with garden rock walls and other landscape features. Call today for your landscape paving and concrete pouring services in Hamilton Ontario. Let’s get started today!

Retaining Walls Hamilton ON
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Retaining walls of wood, stone and other building materials work wonders in the landscape. Whether commercial or residential, our Hamilton landscapers work around the clock to build and construct the retaining wall you need for your custom landscape design service.